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Afterlife: Journey of the soul

Taught by: SH. Omar Husain

What exactly happens once the soul leaves this world? The Akhirah is something we hear a lot about, speak a lot about, and think a lot about. Yet, it is one of the subjects that brings up more questions than we have answers.

Bring your family and join us in exploring the journey of the Akhirah – from the moment of death, in the grave, on the Day of Judgment, crossing the Sirat, and everything else until the soul reaches its ultimate destination.

We will be exploring the answers to questions including:

  • Why do the eyes look up when a person takes their last breath?

  • Will Allah allow us to answer the questions in the grave correctly?

  • What happens if you have the same amount of good deeds and bad deeds?

  • Does everyone have to be judged?

  • What is the Sirat, and why are some people prevented from crossing over it? How do I cross over it easily?

  • Will the Prophet ﷺ intercede for us?