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Social media has come to play a significant role in the daily life of the average person. It has allowed us to communicate and interact with the world in an unprecedented way, and while it is a tool that can be harnessed for good, our engagement with social media can also have a serious and negative impact on our spirituality.

The scholars of our faith teach us that whatever we are exposed to, affects the state of our hearts. What we see, what we hear, what conversations we engage in, what we let in - all of this influences our spirituality and ultimately, our relationship with Allah (SWT). In this new age of social media and technology, we are constantly taking in information and constantly exposing our hearts to outside influences.

How do we navigate through a sea of retweets, likes, and Snaps? What is the subconscious effect of all this on our minds and hearts? How do we deal with phone addiction, constant business, and the concept of modesty in the online world? What is the impact of technology on our family relationships? 

Islam provides practical solutions for people’s lives and issues, teaching us the timeless principles and guidelines to be able to navigate this new age. Our newest seminar, “The Fiqh of Social Media” provides a faith-based understanding of the impact social media and technology have on our lives and relationships.

What Will I Learn?

  • The concept of friendship and the subconscious effect people you follow have on you

  • Impact of social media on spirituality and the personal connection with Allah ﷻ

  • Phone addiction

  • Being busy

  • How to tangibly apply concepts of modesty in the online world

  • The impact of technology on marriage and family relationships

  • Timeless Prophetic principles to navigate the new age no matter how much things change

  • Practical Action items