Taught by: Sh. Abdulnasir Jangda

Every year, Ramadan sneaks up on us and by the time we get into the swing of things, 10 days have gone by. It’s often not until the last 10 nights that we’re really taking advantage of the month – and just as quickly as it came, it’s gone. 

Prophetic Ramadan is a course aimed to help you develop a mental and practical game plan on how to approach the best month of the year by following the examples of how our beloved Prophet ﷺ spent his Ramadans.

While the course will cover what you expect – Qur’an, i’tikaaf, Laylat ul-Qadr etc., it will also cover important historical events from the Seerah including, the Battle of Badr, the Conquest (Fath) of Makkah (specifically in light of Ramadan). There will also be a special study of how the Prophet ﷺ spent his last Ramadan.