What is in the retreat?

An immersive retreat open to individuals and families. Utilizing the beautiful nature of the smoky mountains, to promote spiritual reflection, building companionship, and enjoying outdoor activities with family and friends from Thursday, June 20th at 3 PM to Monday, June 24th, at 3 PM in Coker Creek Village in Tellico Plains, TN.

Each day will generally consist of the following schedules. A more detailed breakdown of the sessions and planned activities will be emailed to the attendees closer to the retreat date, inshAllah!

  • Prayers

  • Breakout sessions (womens, youth, Qur’an)

  • Communal halal meals

  • Activities

  • Bonfires

  • Daily halaqaat with instructors 

Types of Activities

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is airfare covered in the cost?

No, the cost covers your accommodations in bunkhouses, eleven meals, activities, use of recreational facilities, and tuition.

Q2. When should I plan to arrive in Tennessee and will you provide transportation?

YYou should plan to arrive no later than 2 PM on Thursday, June 20th. We will be providing a private shuttle that will depart the McGhee Tyson (TYS) airport in Knoxville, Tennessee and the Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) airport at 3 PM. Individual rides will not be provided. Individual rides will not be provided.

Q3. When should I plan to depart Tennessee and will you provide transportation?

Plan your departure after 4:00 PM on Monday, June 24th. Insha'Allah we will be providing a shuttle back to the McGhee Tyson (TYS) airport in Knoxville, Tennessee and the Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) airport at 12:00PM. Individual rides will not be provided.

Q4. What should I pack?

  • Hike friendly clothes!
  • Durable sneakers
  • Bug repellant
  • Light sweater (Low 60s in the evenings)
  • Rain jacket & boots (just in case!)
  • Snacks
  • Linens, pillows, and a blanket. (There will be some available for purchase at $10 per pack).

Q5. Is there an age limit?

The retreat is open to all ages. We do require that you have a parent or guardian with you if you are under the age of 18 for legal purposes.

Q6. How will I be assigned a roommate?

Roommates are assigned at random according to gender and age. You may request a roommate at the time of registration however we CANNOT guarantee it. Families and couples will be accommodated accordingly.

Every room at the retreat center is set up differently. Some rooms have 3 beds where other rooms have 7 beds.

Q7. Is the retreat for men and women?

Yes, however the two groups are separated under designated male and female group leaders. Couples will be separated.

Q8. Are children allowed to attend?

At Qalam, we believe that faithful events and family go hand-in-hand. Children are more than welcome to attend, however, Qalam does not provide babysitting and parents are responsible for their own children.

Q9. What are the cabin details? What is a Chalet?

Each cabin has bunk beds with separate lodging for men and women.

Coral Cabins: Five cabins that can accomodate 6 brothers, one cabin with 12 brothers, 2 cabins with 4 brothers. There is a large shower house nearby.

Meadow View Cabins I and II: Each have a large bathroom with bunk beds for 26 sisters. There is a private campfire area by these cabins with views of the mountains.

Creekside III: Can accomodate 8 sisters.

Creekside IV: Can accomodate 8 brothers.

Chalet Cabins are completely sold out.