Seeking the Path to Allah

A Commentary on Imam Muhasibi’s Treatise for the Seekers of Guidance

Date: January 20th - April 11th, 2019

Time: Wednesday, 6:30 -7:30 PM CST

Instructor: Ustadh AbdelRahman Murphy

What Students Will Learn:

Imam Al Harith Al Muhasibi’s Treatise for The Seekers of Guidance is a comprehensive manual on practical Islamic spiritual development. Al Muhasibi reflects upon scriptural and scholarly sources to develop a nuanced outline on understanding and aligning one’s spiritual and moral compass. This work provides a thorough understanding of the foundations of the motivations behind our deeds, as the imam elaborates in detail the gaps in God consciousness that allow for our spiritual stumbles, as well as how to recover from them. This text provides a practical blueprint intended for any Muslim to read, reflect, and follow in order to achieve God’s pleasure in this life and the next.