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Why Qalam Connect?

Allah ﷻ said in the Qur'an, "Hold on to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided." (Surah Aali-Imran 3:103). The Blessed Prophet ﷺ once said that there will come a time when holding on to one’s religion will be like holding onto embers. He prophesized that as time goes on, it will only get more difficult to maintain one's identity as a Muslim, and thus be a unified ummah.

One of the challenges our community faces is knowing who we are and engaging society as confident Muslims. But we can only know who we are if we learn, and it requires time to study the religion. We live in an age where it's difficult to make that time as well as make the best use of it when we do have it. With these concerns in mind, Qalam has crafted an online program called Qalam Connect. With our qualified scholars in only one-hour long sessions, you'll learn about the religion, connect with other students of knowledge, and develop the confidence in your Muslim identity.

All courses are recorded and uploaded within 24 hours. 


Fall Semester Courses

September 8th - December 19Th, 2019


Tafsir Surah al-Hadid

Shaykh Mikaeel Smith
Thursdays | 6:30pm CDT

Course Description

In this class students will explore the 57th chapter of the Quran. Looking at the translation and the deeper meanings of this surah students will gain a deeper appreciation for this surah and the guidance that it contains. Shaykh Mikaeel will show the relevance of this surah in our day to day lives. Students will be introduced to various Arabic and English resources for Quranic interpretation and explanation. Students will learn about the background causes of revelation and the various hadith that are connected with this Quran. Surah Hadīd was revealed in Makkah, therefore studying this chapter is very effective is strengthening one’s faith. The objective of this class to increase one's connection with the Quran and strengthen one's faith through contemplation over the Quran.


The Forty Hadith of Imam Nawawi Part I

Mufti Muntasir Zaman
Sundays | 6:00 - 7:00pm CDT

Course Description

Students will cover the first half of Imam Nawawi's famous Arba'in collection.


Seerah for Teens: Makkan Period

Ustadh Safi Khan
Mondays & Wednesdays | 5:00 - 5:30pm CDT

Course Description

The Prophet ﷺ once mentioned in a sound narration, "None of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father, his children, and all mankind." When we first look at this Hadith, it seems quite daunting. How could I love someone I have never met? More than my own family and even all of mankind? But one of the questions that we have to answer is, how well do we know the Prophet? How much of his life are we familiar with? Through our summer Qalam Connect class, our teen students learned about his life before revelation, what he was like when he was a child and a young teenager, and we all fell in love with the Messenger of Allah. We learned how Allah tested him as a young person and how that shaped him as the man we know as Rasulallah ﷺ. Join us this fall for a continuation of our Seerah for Teens series where we will specifically cover his blessed life from the moment he received revelation to the point he had to leave Makkah in order to seek sanctity in the city of Madinah. And we will slowly learn together the true reason why our Prophet deserves our love and deepest appreciation. We hope and pray that Allah accepts this effort from us get closer to his Messenger's example!


Surah Yasin

Ustadha Fatima Lette
Wednesdays | 6:00 - 7:00pm CDT

Course Description

The thirty-sixth chapter of the Qur’an, Surah Ya-sin is one of the most read chapters of the Qur’an. Scholars have described Surah Ya sin as the revival of Islamic creed in a person. During this course we will gain an understanding of the vocabulary and explanation of each verse. We will explore the themes of the surah discussing the oneness of Allah, the descriptions of the hereafter and the confirmation of the prophethood of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as well as words of consolation to him. Revealed in Makkah, this surah gives us an alluring imagery into the beauties of Paradise as well as the realities of the hellfire. Join us on this journey through one of the beautiful surahs of the Qur’an.


The Forty Hadith of Imam Nawawi Part II

Mufti Muntasir Zaman
Mondays | 6:00 - 7:00pm CDT

Course Description

Students will cover the second half of Imam Nawawi's famous Arba'in collection.


Poor Man’s Book of Assistance Part II

Shaykh Mikaeel Smith
Tuesdays | 6:30 - 7:30pm CDT

Course Description

What is the way of to spiritual openings? How does one really move forward, gain control of their heart and mind? Imam Ahmed Zarūq (899 A.H.) was a master of hearts. Authoring dozens of books, large and small, one the inner and outer dimensions of Islam. The first step toward Allah is always tawbah (repentance). In this class we will study Imam Ahmed’s Book of Assistance. A small yet powerful guide to beginning one's journey back to Allah. Imam Ahmed provides both cognitive and behavioral reformation methods. He teaches one how to revive their hearts and soul, using a traditional understanding of mind and soul. Join us for this study of this essential text.